Health is wealth, whether it is your own health or that of your family’s, it’s equally important to stay healthy. In such a fast paced life, we often fail to remain in good health because we’re always rushing to things; rushing to get our job done; rushing to earn more. In this mad rush, we forget to give time to our body and our mind so that we can heal properly and grow fresh. This is the reason why the children of today lack in development or rather, develop slowly as compared to the children of earlier times who relied more on manual labor and weren’t as lazy as our generation who depends entirely on machines.

With the rapid construction of new industries and factories, the pollution taking over the nation, diseases are on the rise and with these disease comes the payment of hospital bills which can at times drain you out of your entire life savings. So if you want to secure yourself and your family with these diseases and their ever growing hospital bills, then health insurance is the medium through which you can attain that. Get yourself and your family signed for a new health insurance plan to lead a stress free life.

If you’re curious about how exactly does health insurance play a role in securing your family, then the answer is that it does so with the medium of its multiple benefits. A health insurance has become a necessity of our times; it has become so incredibly important that almost every Indian family which knows what health insurance is about has invested in one.

There are some ways in which a health insurance can help protect your and your family members, keeping you safe from the face of medical danger with the medium of their multi-fold benefits, which are:


  1. Day Care Procedures

A health insurance normally covers your day care procedures. This refers to those illnesses which don’t call for hospitalization and can be dealt with within 24 hours. For such treatments, your health insurance provides coverage for the treatment charges.

  1. Hospitalization Fees

 While some illnesses can be cured within 24 hours due to the technological advancement, there are still many which require the patient to be kept under hospital observation for a long time. There are often several tests to be run and each medical test is more expensive than the other. Furthermore, the longer time you spend in the hospital, the medical bill will keep on rising by the day along with your medicines and other essentials. A health insurance takes care of that. So you can be stress free and let the financial aspect all up to your insurance cover.

  1. Insurance Covers The Room Rent

 Mostly all the insurance policies cover your room rent when you’re in the hospital. There are some insurance which only cover the partial rent but even that is beneficial to some extent.

  1. Cashless Hospitalization Facilities

 What usually happens is that when you get an insurance cover, it allows you to get through your hospitalization without paying any cash. It’s absolutely cashless if the hospitals you visit are the ones covered by the insurance. Since the claim procedure of the cashless hospitalization facilities are very quick and secure, it makes the entire hospital visit all the more bearable.


  1. Tax Benefits

 This is probably the most supreme reason why you need to invest in a health insurance. For a working class person, in a middle class family, doesn’t just allow you to stay out of financial trouble in times of medical crisis but it also offer various tax benefits. The tax benefits can be availed if you need to pay for the health insurance of your spouse, children, family members. The buyers of health insurance get tax emption on health insurance premiums which they pay for their spouse, or even themselves and their family members.

These benefits allow your family members to relax while they are in sick health rather than fretting about the financial aspects of things since a health insurance takes care of everything these days, ranging from the hospital bills to the daily cash allowance.

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